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Löv 本体&スタンド

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    Estimated delivery time: 3 business days (This may vary depending on carrier schedule)
  • Warranty, Exchanges and Returns"
    The basic warranty for the product lasts for one year. Exchanges and returns due to buyer's remorse are accepted within 7 days of initial delivery. This applies to products that are in their original and undamaged packaging. >> Learn more
  • Product Description
    - 4 adaptable positions (Vertical Wall-hanging / Vertical Standing / Horizontal Wall-hanging / Horizontal Standing) - Depth: 3.1 inches, Weight: 7.7 lbs - Coverage: 200 ft² (Recommended for 14ft * 14ft spaces) - '1st Stage Low Noise Mode' Noise Level: 32dB(A) - Triple filter included (Hepa / Carbon / Pre) *Purchase the cradle to use Löv in the standing position

A Unique Gift

A bundle of practicality in a delightful package.
Löv is the most unique and considerate gift for your friends and family.

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Product Specification

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